Photos and videos from the April 18 reading

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Heaps of gratitude should be thrown toward our wonderfully talented readers and audience members from Monday night’s reading. What a wonderful way to celebrate the first anniversary of Literary Firsts. If you weren’t able to make it to the reading, you can now watch the videos and pretend you were there. If anyone asks, you loved the free cookies (unless you didn’t–that’s okay too).

Carissa Halston reads from The Mere Weight of Words

April Ranger reads her poetry.

Emily Sweeney reads her essay.

Ethan Gilsdorf reads "Astral Projection, the Silver Cord, and Other Lessons."

Many, many thanks once again to Ethan, Carissa, Emily, and April for reading, to Randolph Pfaff who always captures the events through photography and video, and to the Middlesex who always provide a great venue.

April Ranger

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April Ranger is a sucker punch with a smile.

April Ranger represented Boston Cantab at the Individual World Poetry Slam in Berkeley, California in 2009, and performed as a member of the Boston Cantab National Team in 2008 and 2010. Her poetry has been published in Off the Coast. April’s most recent play, Those Still Living, will premiere at the Boston Theatre Marathon in May. She is a regular host and reader at the Cantab Lounge open mic on Wednesdays, and a co-curator of SOOP, a story-telling potluck based out of her home in Jamaica Plain.

April is the poet for the April 18 reading.

A new flyer and a new year

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Our anniversary is fast approaching. Next month, Aforementioned Productions will be six years old and Literary Firsts will start its second year by featuring Ethan Gilsdorf, Carissa Halston, April Ranger, and Emily Sweeney.

To kick off the celebration, here are a couple of little girls reading by disco light.

Join us, won’t you?

The official date for April

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So happy to announce that the April date has been confirmed. We’ll be celebrating the one year anniversary of Literary Firsts on Monday, April 18.

Please join us when Emily Sweeney will be our essayist, April Ranger will be our poet, Carissa Halston will be hosting and reading fiction, and Ethan Gilsdorf will be our confessional reader.

It’s going to be a swell evening and we’re going to buy out the Middlesex Lounge’s stock of chocolate chip cookies. Just wait and see.

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