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At the end of October, I received an email from my contact at Middlesex Lounge, the venue where Literary Firsts had taken place ever since it started back in 2010.

Due to a number of mitigating factors (mainly having to do with the construction that’s taking place in Central Square), Middlesex Lounge is cutting back their hours and no longer hosting non-club events. They were always really kind to me and to the series, so I know it wasn’t a decision they made lightly.

I’ve had a number of friends offer to look at new venues for the series, very kind offers, all. But since I’m neckdeep in work right now (my own writing, plus teaching, plus everything going on at Aforementioned), and because I want a space that combines theatricality and proximity (i.e., I don’t want the readers distanced from the audience, but I do want a place where I can dim the lights and create a mood that’s indicative of a performance), and because I don’t know of another venue like that in the Boston area, I’m putting the series on hiatus.

As soon as I’m able to find a comparable venue for Literary Firsts, I promise to bring it back. Until then, I’m really proud to have had a hand in making Boston’s literary community a little warmer and a little brighter.

Thanks to all the readers and the faithful audience members.

I hope to be back at it soon.




Press for Literary Firsts

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Jan Gardner was kind enough to include a write-up about Literary Firsts in the latest installment of her Globe column, Word on the Street.

Check it out here:

Screen shot 2013-01-19 at 10.14.24 PM

See you Monday!

A reminder, as brought to you by the Boston Phoenix

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The crew over at The Boston Phoenix chose Literary Firsts as one of their Editors’ Picks this week!

“Does the thought of standing up in front of a roomful of people and recounting the tale of your very first sexual experience sort of make you want to hurl? Assuming you’re like us, and didn’t swagger out of the womb a muscled stud muffin with moves like Jagger to spare, it likely does. Well, that’s why none of us are participants in the quarterly reading series Literary Firsts. The “sexiest reading series” isn’t all about doing the nasty, though. The featured performers read poems, stories, essays, and monologues about any number of personal experiences; sex just happens to factor prominently. The titillating series turns two years old this month, for which they’re having a special anniversary event on Monday April 16, featuring fiction writer Kimberly Duncan-Mooney, poet Randolph Pfaff, essayist Kate Sloan, and confessional writer Timothy Patrick McCarthy.”

And don’t forget that we’re raffling* off three copies of the latest issue of apt!

See you Monday!

* – by “raffling,” I mean giving-away-for-free-an-action-for-which-there’s-no-quick-and-easy-verb

Kind words from The Weekly Dig

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I should send the staff at The Weekly Dig flowers or escorts or something.

From their latest write-up on Literary Firsts, penned by Associate Editor, J. Pat:

“Frictional fiction reading group Literary Firsts puts the disclaimer right there in the title: there’s gonna be sex tonight…and as a complete bonus, the not-so-naughty bits are actually pretty nifty on their own, so hey, win-win-wank.”

You should be there for all the naughty and not-so-naughty stories from Josh Cook, Michael Lynch, Meg Stone, and Steven Lee Beeber this Monday, 7pm, at the Middlesex Lounge.

There’s also a funny allusion to Erica Jong’s canon as part of the Dig’s full plug, for those of you who are interested.

The next Literary Firsts date is set!

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It’s hard to believe that almost a month has already passed since the last Literary Firsts, but that means there’s only two more months until the next reading.

You won’t want to miss it when Josh Cook reads his fiction, Michael Lynch shares his poetry, Meg Stone reads selections from her memoir, and Steven Lee Beeber trusts us with his confessional reading.

Join us at 7pm on Monday, July 18 at the Middlesex Lounge. It promises to be a grand evening.

An interview with Carissa Halston about Literary Firsts

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Photo credit: Michael Diskin

Literary Firsts founder and host, Carissa Halston, was recently interviewed for STUFFBoston. She talked about the series, sex, why it’s okay to talk about sex, and why she loves her Hedgehog (named Hedgehog). Check out the interview here and be at the Middlesex Lounge on April 18 when Carissa will be reading from her forthcoming novella, The Mere Weight of Words.

Vote for Aforementioned and Literary Firsts Participants!

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Although there was no category for best reading series, we are happy to announce that Carissa has been nominated for the Boston Phoenix’s Best of Boston as best author and apt has been nominated as best “literary gang.” If you would like to cast your votes, you can do so here:

Best author

Best literary gang

Just so you know, there is also a write-in section on each ballot. So, let’s say you wanted to vote for best poet. You could vote for past Literary Firsts readers Elisa Gabbert, Gillian Devereux, and Liam Day, or upcoming poets April Ranger and Michael Lynch. Or maybe you want to vote for our generous hosts, Middlesex Lounge. THESE ARE ALL GOOD IDEAS! So, go forth, vote early, and vote often.

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