Photos and videos from the January 23 reading

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I was so thrilled to have another tremendous group of writers for Literary Firsts on Monday. In the immortal words of J.F. Lynch, “If you weren’t there, if you didn’t see it, you missed out.”

However, through the magic of video and the internet, now you can pretend you were there when Michael Hoerman, Terri Trespicio, Matthew Salesses, and Liam Day kicked off 2012 with a bang.

First, the still images:

Michael Hoerman reads his poetry.

Terri Trespicio reads her essay, "Unhitched but Not Unhappy"

Matthew Salesses reads excerpts from "The Last Repatriate"

Liam Day reads his confessional essay.

And now, the moving pictures.

See you in April!

Michael Hoerman

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Michael Hoerman is an innocent fugitive.

Michael Hoerman is an innocent fugitive.

Michael Hoerman has produced cultural happenings in Missouri, Massachusetts and Texas since 1991. Project highlights include folklife celebrations, oral histories, writing and performance workshops, interdisciplinary and interregional productions, and poetry festivals. He was a contributor to the highly-rated Wikipedia articles on Frank Stanford and The Ozarks where he was involved in the early days of poetry slam. In 2012 three of Michael’s poems will be published in a new anthology from Lavender Ink in New Orleans. Michael is the founding director of The Temp Series Project developing community-based art and literature initiatives in Massachusetts.

Michael is the poet for the January 23 reading.

The first reading of 2012

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Thanks, as always, to Randolph for classing up this operation via his design prowess.

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