Photos and videos from Tuesday night’s reading

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Tuesday evening’s Literary Firsts hit all the notes I want from a reading—it made me think, it made me laugh, it made me sigh. The readers were at the very top of their game, and I was thrilled to hear them share their work.

Thanks, as always, to Randolph Pfaff for handling the bulk of the recording duties, photo and video:

Amy Yelin reads her essay, "Once upon a Penis"

Amy Yelin reads her essay, “Once upon a Penis”


Jeremy P. Bushnell reads from his novel-in-progress.

Nicole Terez Dutton reads from a manuscript of prose poems.

Nicole Terez Dutton reads from a manuscript of prose poems.

Daniel Evans Pritchard reads his confessional essay.

Daniel Evans Pritchard reads his confessional essay.

Thanks to everyone who made it out, especially (of course) Amy, Nicole, Jeremy, and Dan. And if you couldn’t make it, you can check out the videos here.

I hope to see you in October when we close out 2014 with our autumn reading—more details soon!


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See you tonight at Middlesex Lounge for Jeremy P. Bushnell, Nicole Terez Dutton, Amy Yelin, and Daniel Evans Pritchard!

7pm, 315 Mass Ave: be there!


Daniel Evans Pritchard

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Daniel Evans Pritchard does at once what the fool does finally.

Daniel Evans Pritchard does at once what the fool does finally.

Daniel Evans Pritchard was born in Boston and raised in Quincy. He is a poet and essayist, founding editor of the online review journal The Critical Flame, Marketing and Publicity Director at Boston Review, as well as a freelance marketing consultant for authors and literary journals. His writing has appeared in Little StarThe Battersea ReviewFulcrumThe Quarterly Conversation, and elsewhere. He lives in Medford with his wife, Katy, and is absolutely terrified by the prospect of being the confessional reader.

Daniel is the confessional reader for the July 22 reading.

July’s Literary Firsts!

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Not that I’m opposed to red, white, and blue in July, but summer in Boston puts me more in mind of red, yellow, and orange. Popsicles, sunburn, sand–perhaps a sultry reading.

So meet me at Middlesex Lounge on Tuesday, July 22, at 7pm. I’ll bring the entertainment: Jeremy will bring the fiction; Amy will bring the non-fiction; Nicole will bring the poetry; and Daniel will bring the confessional tale.

Can’t wait to see you there—

Videos and photos from the July 15 reading

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I love making puns about the summer Literary Firsts reading:  it’s sultry, steamy, scorching–hot. On Monday night, we were actually very warm as the air conditioner at Middlesex Lounge had broken. But the Middlesex crew took care of us, as always. I cannot sing praises high enough for the staff and management at our venue. They’re the best.

Speaking of the best, the readers were so very on. I’m so grateful to them for bringing such stellar work and for being gracious despite the swelter! If you were there, you can confirm that room was alive, but just in case you weren’t there, photos are below and links to the videos follow thereafter. (Many thanks to Randolph Pfaff for taking the photos and for letting me hijack your YouTube account while I get mine straightened out.)

JoeAnn Hart reads flash fiction.

Daniel Evans Pritchard reads some poems.

Daniel Evans Pritchard reads poetry.

Daniel Nester reads some essays.

Daniel Nester reads a few essays.

Tony McMillen reads his confessional tale.

Tony McMillen reads his confessional tale.

Click each name to watch JoeAnn’sDaniel Evans Pritchard’s, Daniel Nester’s, and Tony’s readings.

Can’t wait to see you in October, Boston!


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Bostonians, Cantabrigians, Somervillains, one and all:

Tonight, JoeAnn Hart will read, Daniel Nester will read, Daniel Evans Pritchard will read, and Tony McMillen will also (bravely) read.

Do not miss this.

Middlesex Lounge. 7pm. Me. You. Them.

Be there.

July 15 line-up

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I am so excited about July’s LF reading—JoeAnn Hart as our fiction writer, Daniel Nester as our essayist, Daniel Evans Pritchard as our poet, and Tony McMillen as our confessional writer! See the posts below for more information about each reader.

And see the promotional image above for the date and time (image courtesy of your host, Carissa, and her partner in crime, Randolph).

See you on July 15!

Daniel Evans Pritchard

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Daniel Evans Pritchard is in motion a prince and in repose a sage.

Daniel Evans Pritchard is a poet, essayist, and critic from Boston. His work has been published in Fulcrum, Little Star, the Battersea Review, and elsewhere. He is the founder and editor of The Critical Flame, an online journal of book reviews and criticism, he runs the bimonthly reading series U35 Poetry in downtown Boston, and he is gainfully employed as the Marketing Director at Boston Review.

Daniel is the poet for the July 15 reading.

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