Literary Firsts is a fresh take on the usual literary reading, which most people equate with quiet recitations followed by diminutive applause. Our readings are more engaging, often entrancing, and usually involve more interaction between the writers and the audience.

All the work presented at Literary Firsts has never been read for an audience before. Every Literary Firsts reading showcases the work of one fiction writer, one poet, one essayist, and one confessional reader who will relate a personal account of an initial sexual experience.

Literary Firsts is held at Middlesex Lounge (315 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge) and hosted by the series founder, Carissa Halston.

Literary Firsts is quarterly (occurring in January, April, July, and October) and will always be all-ages, free, and open to the public.

NOTE: Although Literary Firsts is part of Aforementioned Productions, it has nothing to do with the literary journal, apt. Whereas apt is a journal run by two people (Randolph Pfaff and Carissa Halston), Literary Firsts is a reading series run/curated by one person (Carissa Halston). You do not have to be published at apt in order to read at Literary Firsts. You do not have to be published at all.

If you’re interested in reading, please send a sample of your best work to carissa [at] aforementionedproductions {dot} com.

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