Videos and photos from the April 8 reading

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We started our fourth year splendidly: a packed room, an appreciative crowd, and four stellar writers.

There were so many great moments, more appearing in hindsight. Chris Marstall reading an essay about a local film projectionist, the mic failing him, Chris not batting an eye when I asked him, “How do you feel about projecting?” the pun only sinking in (for me, at least) the day after. Reyna Clancy, soft-spoken, hypnotic, telling us about bees and strippers and ghosts and kings. Myfanwy Collins starting her reading with two words: He died. And then there was William Pierce, for whom I have no words, but he had enough for both of us.

Watch the videos. Photos below (thanks to Randolph, as always, for taking them). I love this series with my whole heart.

Chris Marstall reads an essay.

Reyna Clancy reads poetry.

Myfanwy Collins reads fiction.

William Pierce tells a confessional tale.

See you in July, lovelies.

Third year’s the charm

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Two-time Literary Firsts reader, Karyn Polewaczyk, asked me to write a little something in honor of LF’s third birthday. She wrapped my words in a shiny package, but here’s the bottom line: “After each reading, I feel lucky just to have been in the room.”

You can read the full article here.

Just remember though, this is not about me. It’s about the series–so I’ll see you at Middlesex Lounge this evening at 7 for:

Reyna Clancy’s poetry!

Myfanwy Collins’s fiction!

Chris Marstall’s non-fiction!

William Pierce’s confession!

Be there to help us kick off our fourth year right!

Three years!

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Readers, Writers, Listeners, Loved Ones:

Literary Firsts is almost three years old!

So, help us celebrate at 7pm on April 8 at Middlesex Lounge when Reyna Clancy will read poetry, Myfanwy Collins will read fiction, Chris Marstall will read an essay, and William Pierce will read a confessional tale.

You never want to miss Literary Firsts, but you will not want to miss this.


Chris Marstall

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Chris Marstall is a wrinkle in time.

Chris Marstall is a wrinkle in time.

Chris Marstall is a creative technologist at The Boston Globe and the founder of the live-music community His writing has appeared in the Globe’s Ideas┬ásection and in The Boston Phoenix. He lives with his family in Cambridge.

Chris is the essayist for the April 8 reading.

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