Videos from the October 17 reading

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If you weren’t at Monday’s reading, you missed out. Everyone was pitch-perfect. Even if you were there, you probably want to relive it. Click here to start. Photos below.

Danielle Dreilinger

Danielle Dreilinger reads from her memoir-in-progress, NXNE.

Catherine Parnell

Catherine Parnell reads her short fiction.

Janaka Stucky

Janaka Stucky reads his poems.

Elizabeth Gormley

Elizabeth Gormley reads her confessional tale.

Highlights from the evening include Danielle Dreilinger’s sultry coo, “Do you hear that? That’s the sound of public radio,” Catherine Parnell’s dawning recollection, “I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but with Johnny, they’re the same thing,” Janaka Stucky’s winking reminder, “I’m covered in honey,” and Elizabeth Gormley’s self-deprecating, “That was my father’s wet dream for his kids: to be an Irish Catholic Republican is to make lots of babies and lots of money and derive no obvious pleasure from either.”

Get in on all the action. Watch the videos here.

We’re fun and free

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So sayeth the Boston Phoenix.

Speaking of fun (though not necessarily free), you might be reading this post while deciding which panel to hit up at the Boston Book Festival. If you see Jennifer Egan, high-five her for me.

After you’ve decided, don’t forget that you have plans on Monday night. On October 17 at 7pm, you’ll be at the Middlesex Lounge when Catherine Parnell will read fiction, Danielle Dreilinger will read an essay or two, Janaka Stucky will read poems, and Elizabeth Gormley will charm everyone in the room with a confessional tale. It’s the last Literary Firsts reading of 2011, so you will be there and I will love you for it.

See you then.

Danielle Dreilinger

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Danielle Dreilinger is a freshly typed manuscript. (photo credit: Georgia Young)

Danielle Dreilinger is a regular contributor to The Boston Globe. In former lives, she has been a music critic, a New Yorker, a contra dancer, and a Yankees fan, in no particular order. Her work has appeared in Ploughshares, The New York Times, Boston Magazine, The Nashville Scene, and No Depression, among other outlets. You can catch up with her at and

Danielle is the essayist for the October 17 reading.

The next round of Literary Firsts

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It’s Labor Day weekend and there’s much to do. But making the latest Literary Firsts flyer isn’t one of them.

Thanks, as always, to Randolph for his design skills.

Please join us on Monday, October 17 at 7pm when Catherine Parnell will read fiction, Janaka Stucky will read poetry, Danielle Dreilinger will read part of her memoir, and Elizabeth Gormley will read a confessional tale.

It’s the last Literary Firsts for 2011, so be there to celebrate with us.

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