Videos and photos from October 15

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If you missed last week’s Literary Firsts, I can’t stress enough the talent that was in that room (minus my reading from a work-in-progress that is sure to change). We had a heartrending essay from Jennifer De Leon, a slew of smart and touching poems from Erica Anzalone, and a startlingly funny, yet vulnerable confessional from Ilan Mochari. You can watch the videos here and check out the photos below.

Carissa Halston reads from her work-in-progress novel.

Jennifer De Leon reads her essay, “Mapping Yolanda.”

Erica Anzalone reads her poetry.

Ilan Mochari reads his confessional essay.

Photo credit, as usual, goes to Randolph Pfaff.

This was our final reading for 2012! See you in January for the reading that will close our third year!

Ilan Mochari

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Ilan Mochari is a tall order. (photo credit: Kelly MacDonald)

Ilan Mochari‘s debut novel, Zinsky the Obscure (Fomite Press), is now available for pre-order on Amazon. His short stories have appeared or are forthcoming in KeyholeStymie, Ruthie’s Club, and Oysters & Chocolate. He has a B.A. in English from Yale. He used it to wait tables for nine years at various restaurants in the Boston area.

Ilan is the confessional writer for the October 15 reading.

Ladies and gents: our readers

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I’m thrilled to announce the readers for the next Literary Firsts reading.

Please join us on October 15 at Middlesex Lounge when Erica Anzalone will read poetry, Myfanwy Collins will read fiction, Jennifer De Leon will read an essay, and Ilan Mochari will share a confessional tale. As always, I’ll be your host. Come help us say goodbye to 2012 in style.

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