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January 26th, 2013 § 0 comments

For those of you who were at Literary Firsts on Monday night, you probably remember that I ended the evening by mentioning our next event. I said it would be special (on a Saturday!), and twice as long (eight readers!), and it would feature the following writers, each of whom are suffused with literary know-how:

James Tadd Adcox
Sam Cha
John Cotter
Melissa Febos
Elisa Gabbert
Robert Kloss
Vanessa Veselka
Adrian Todd Zuniga

Those things are all still true and now even better because we have a promotional image!

So please join us on Saturday, March 9 at 5:30pm at Middlesex Lounge. This reading will involve the return of former LF readers Elisa Gabbert and John Cotter (with John as confessional reader!). This reading will bring together collaborators James Tadd Adcox and Robert Kloss. This reading will showcase the work of writers both near and far, some so far away from Boston that it would be silly to ask them to travel such a distance. To sum up: this reading will result in nothing short of elation.


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